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4 tips to learn and memorize new Spanish vocabulary

¡Hola! Are you ready to learn new words and techniques to memorize them? ¡Vamos!👇

In this post, I will give you some ideas on how to start learning new vocabulary in Spanish and maybe the most interesting aspect: how to memorize it! 

Something that I constantly use to learn other languages ​​is to use memorization techniques because it is useless to know many words if you cannot memorize them.

If you prefer a video 👇

Four tips to stop forgetting new words

Tip #1

I always classify the new words in different groups or by topics. I personally have a notebook with words classified by topics: animals, winter, and food … It is like a mini dictionary.

⚠️ Many words in Spanish are similar to English – learning these words can be easier for you to memorize.

Tip #2

It is important to create a learning environment. Please, try to have the space and material well organized and managed. Use a diary and post-its! Post-its around your house will help you to memorize and get familiar with new concepts!! A good visual technique to be used by children and adults!

👉 Use the visual memory and repeat again and again!

Tip #3

Another good idea would be to put the words in context. Nothing better than learning in real situations. As an idea, I will tell you a couple of examples that are successful among my students. Do your shopping list and write your emails to book your holidays ALWAYS IN SPANISH!  Two real contexts that will help to gain confidence with real feedback and results: to have your food at home after shopping and receive a response from your hotel ✔️

Tip #4

Well, the idea is not to learn 100.000 words, the idea is to focus on useful words. Words that you use daily: 1) ordering food, 2) buying in a shop, 3) picking a bus … This will reduce clearly what you have to learn and afterward memorize. 

Try to do everything interactive, dynamic, and visual, and try to be selective and practical: traditional and modern games and ideas plus creativity and a bit of effort and practice will be the key. 

Buena suerte 🍀

Hasta la próxima and remember 🧠…Don’t forget to use post-it! 

🧡Feliz Halloween y Día de Muertos💀