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MySpanishNow lessons focus on your goals and needs. Our students are travellers, workers or students but all of them have their own needs. That's why each lesson is adapted to their specific and individual purposes because not everybody learns at the same speed.

The lessons lasts 55 minutes and our teaching method is personalized, dynamic, communicative, funny, interactive and we can openly say that all our students feel confident, supported and motived in all their lessons.

Whereby is our main communication platform. You don't have to download, install or create an account, you can simply join from our website, by clicking in the Join Lesson button from your MySpanishNow dashboard. With Whereby, we can do all kinds of activities by using share screen, chat and others.

Apart from that, we will also use the email and the Google Drive for sharing documents. Remember that learning Spanish online is very easy, practical and comfortable.

Apart from a computer with a webcam, a microphone, good speakers or headphones, you also need good vibes and a big smile.

A quite place with good illumination is favourable and good Internet connection is essential.

Please, also check the question 3. Which communication platform is used?

It is a 35 minutes completely free lesson, that is useful for both the student and teacher to get to know each other.

During this lesson we will check your level and we will discuss about your interests and needs. This first contact is important to design your ideal lessons. At the same time, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the way the online lessons work.

Remember: Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have. We are here to help you.

All lessons are 1-to-1 lessons to cover individual needs. We believe that this is the best and most efficient way to learn a language.

Payments are made by credit/debit card via our website. We use Stripe to handle our payments, which is a safe and easy thirdparty payment service.

Please take in mind that MySpanishNow doesn’t take any responsibility of any additional charge that your bank could add.

Unfortunately, the lesson would be taken by granted.

However, you can always cancel/re-schedule a lesson. For more information, check the section %sHow can I cancel/re-schedule a lesson?%s

It can happen to everyone. And if you let me know in advance by email, I might be flexible and extend the lesson for up to 10 minutes. However, keep in mind that it’s not possible to extend the lesson much further due to other student’s bookings.

Remember: Depending on the context and circumstances the lesson might not be able to be extended.

Yes, they have an expiration date of six months, starting from the day of purchase.

You can cancel/re-schedule a lesson by writing us an email at:

If you get in touch with us, at least 24 hours in advance, you will be able to re-schedule the lesson to another day and time that suits you better. Otherwise, the lesson would be taken for granted.

Nevertheless, take in mind, that the lesson is not refundable.

It all depends on how often you practice your Spanish.

Anyway, with MySpanishNow lessons you would be able to see real improvements week-by-week.

Motivation is essential. That's why one of our goals is to keep you motivated during the learning process. Remember, the longer you spend using the language the better results you will have.

This depends on your interests and needs, but we highly recommend you to take at least one lesson per week. Keep in mind, that consistency is the key.

You should send us an email at . If you notify us, 24 hours in advance, you will be eligible to re-schedule the lesson. Otherwise, the lesson would be taken for granted.

For more information, check section 11. How can I re-schedule a lesson?

Firstly, you should have all the technical requirements beforehand. Please, check the 4. What do I need for the lesson? question for further information.

However, if there are technical issues we may be able to re-schedule another lesson or to extend the duration of a future lesson.

Nevertheless, if the student tries, in some way, to take advantage of this situation we will take the lesson for granted.

The teacher will always inform you in advance about her annual leave. However, in case that she is sick or in some other similar situation, you have the right to re-schedule the lesson(s) or to ask for a full refund of those cancelled lessons.

You can buy 1, 3 or 5 one-to-one lessons by getting in touch with us via our website.

In your message you should include the pack of lesson(s) you would like as well as to who it is (name and email). We will then contact you via email to discuss about the personalised gift card as well as to send you your invoice.

For more information about the possible pack of lessons you may check our Plans section or get in touch with us

No, you don't need to create any account. Only the person receiving the gift has to create an account afterwards for being able to join the lesson(s).

We are really sorry that our lessons didn't met your expectations. To ask for a refund of all your unused credits of your first pack bought you can contact us at via our website Contact page or via our email .

Make sure that your refund is compliant to 20. How many days do I have to ask for a refund? and 21. Which Plans are eligible for a refund?

You have 30 days, starting from the day that you bought your first pack.

Only your first pack is eligible for a 30-day refund. Subscriptions are not refundable.

Please bear in mind, that you may only ask for a refund on unused credits of your first pack bought