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5 tips to learn Spanish with ChatGPT.

I am not an expert at all, but I clearly say that it is a current issue and is increasingly present in the classroom. That’s why I want to write a little bit about this tool so recent and still unknown to many. Have you ever used ChatGPT or another AI?💬

You probably already heard about  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how and what is used for. AI is a computer program designed to perform certain operations that are considered typical of human intelligence. Can be used in different ways and for different purposes such as self-learning, autonomous driving, and chatting. But here we will focus on educational purposes, in a teaching-learning way, how to bring it to our lessons, or how can we learn with AI.

Now, only with the definition I am sure that many of you think the same, here is a question and reflection: if you can learn by yourself only with ChatGPT? Why do we need a teacher? In my opinion like many other resources, AI is a complementary resourceto learn, or even better an auxiliary tool for students and teachers too. Yes, for teachers too because AI can help us to create texts, stories, conversations, pictures, plenty of resources, and ideas in less time. AI is here to stay with us, so better to take advantage of it. Don’t you think so? I don’t know about the future but still, AI is quite imprecise and it is not trustworthy in languages. For example, when you ask about grammar aspects some mistakes can be noticed. So, watch out!! ⚠️

Artificial Intelligence could be an interesting tool in our Spanish lessons and for learning Spanish. If you are a student or teacher and want to start using ChatGPT for teaching or learning Spanish.

Here you have a few suggestions that can be useful for you! 

1. Learning with a personal plan

A designed plan with concrete activities or questions (simplified but with relevant details). When you enter the prompt you need to be specific. For example – level, age, and type of activity

In the picture ⬇️ You clearly see that the level of the activities is basic. If your level is for a beginner it will be ok but if your level is advanced make sure that you type ‘‘rutina semanal para aprender español nivel avanzado

Week Spanish routine with ChatGPT
Week routine for beginner’s to learn Spanish generated by ChatGPT

2. Interactive role-play activity

 You will interact with relevant characters if you let ChatGPT know. Very good for expanding vocabulary, reviewing structures, and having fun in different contexts. Some famous that my students picked were Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

I have to say that my student asked Cristiano about how to be the best player and Cristiano kindly gave him tips:

”Te aconsejo que trabajes duro, sientas motivación y pasión. Trabajo es la clave. Mientras más practiques más lejos llegarás…”

 It was so weird because for a moment we felt like we were talking with the football-player for real. The answers were so precise.

3. Telling a tale or story

Dear student, work on your imagination or if you are a teacher, let your student be creative. You can ask ChatGPT what specifically you would like to review. For example – prepositions. Very good in order to memorise new connectors that will be useful to improve your writing and be fluent when speaking.

Horror story generated by ChatGPT
Spanish horror story generated by ChatGPT
Spanish horror story using the future verb generated by ChatGPT
Horror story using the future verb by ChatGPT

4. A model text

  Imagine that you have a Spanish exam and you need to write a formal letter, (or in case the teachers want to bring a few examples to the class) ChatGPT will be useful for you to get ideas and take a look at the general structure.

Formal letter generated by ChatGPT
Formal letter generated by ChatGPT

5. Continue a dialogue

 You can collect expressions and even opinions from a conversation with ChatGPT. My student had a conversation with the chat. See the example…

 👩‍⚕️”Hola, soy Anna y trabajo de enfermera en Kirkcaldy”

💬Hola, Anna. Encantado de conocerte. ¿Puedo ayudarte en algo más?

👩‍⚕️Gracias, ¿Cuál es tu nombre?

💬 Me llamo Bing y soy ….

Laughter is guaranteed 😀. 


Spanish reading resources about AI:

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Any more ideas?

Go ahead and try it!! 🤔 You’ll be surprised!! 🥳