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How to find the ideal online tutor/teacher?

Hola 💚

In my opinion, depending on the person the ideal as a concept changes. There is no such definition of the ideal teacher that is valid for everyone. So, firstly, take a few seconds and think WHAT means the ideal teacher for you?

My advice is don’t get too crazy looking for the perfect Spanish teacher, why? Because perfection does not exist. But, please, take your time thinking well about what you need – or what you don’t – this way it will be much easy for you to find the best teacher.

When I was learning English my perfect tutor was with whom I got along with. Getting along with my student is priceless. That’s my ideal concept.

And why is that connection between teacher and student so important? Because learning a language can be embarrassing and sometimes you can even feel ridiculous or insecure. If this is your case, maybe one to one lessons are a best fit. This will help you to feel more comfortable during your lessons.

Also, most of the teachers do offer a free trial lesson, so go for it and see if you feel confident – forget about your fears – and most important: enjoy learning Spanish! Avoid disappointments!

Do you know what type of Spanish teacher are you looking for now? If still unsure, write us via our website.

See you soon until then, DISFRUTA 🤓 🌼