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Can I learn Spanish with Duolingo?

Hola 💚

The answer is yes, you can learn with Duolingo, as well as by watching YouTube videos, movies or listening to music.

But watch out! I would say that it is impossible to improve your level of Spanish only with this tool. Unless you’re really good with languages, of course.

Using the Duolingo app to learn Spanish

For me, the main purpose of a language is: Put it into practice. Give it a use!

What is the point of keep learning more and more vocabulary, when in your vacation you are unable to ask for the menu?

In my modest opinion, getting to use Spanish only with Duolingo is an arduous task.

Keep perfecting your Spanish with Duolingo but don’t see it as the only tool. Duolingo is a good complement, but if you are not in a budget, why not find a teacher that guides you, advise you and focus on what you need and explain why you need it? I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Nevertheless, bellow there are some ideas to learn/practice your Spanish for free:

  1. Watch series and/or movies in Spanish
  2. Listen to music in Spanish
  3. Travel to a Spanish speaking country
  4. Read in Spanish: books, magazines and newspapers
  5. Talk to natives: order food in Spanish in a nearby Spanish restaurant
  6. Change your default laptop and phone language to Spanish

Here are some free activities and infographics that can help you continue learning:

See you soon until then, APRENDE 📱🇪🇸 🌼