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Should I take online Spanish lessons or face-to-face?

Hola 💚

Before starting, I would like to highlight that you don’t have to be a computer engineer (I am not either) to be able to learn online. Nowadays, our current technology makes online lessons seamlessly. 😌

After teaching both online and face-to-face I can say for certain that both of them can work really well. It all depends on YOUR preferences and circumstances ⬇️

What to socialise?

Well, if one of your preferences is to socialise with your colleagues or your teacher, then face-to-face lessons might be a better option for you. Of course, in an online lesson you also have to (digitally) socialise with the other(s) to learn but is not the same – also, make sure you pick group lessons to socialise.


If time or location is a problem, then online lessons might be a better option. As long as you have a laptop and a good internet connection, you can always attend your lesson regardless of where you are. And if you have a tight schedule, one-to-one online lessons might be even more advantageous because you should be able to change the time of the lessons accordingly, which don’t normally happen in a group lesson.

Tangible activities or interactive activities?

During all these years of teaching, I have had students who love interactive activities – activities that recur to technology -, and those, who, on the contrary, prefer tangible activities – activities that you can get the hands on – because for them using different technology tools ”drives them crazy”. ¡Fácil! In my case, I adapt the lesson to your needs and preferences! For instance, in a face-to-face lesson, you could use your phone or computer for an interactive activity. And during an online lesson, I would send you, in advance, tangible material to print before the lesson.

Now I will mention the most famous answers of why my students like learning online:

my school and teacher can be from many miles away from me but I can easily attend my lessons with a click of a button – besides there is never traffic

I am very lucky to choose the school with which I want to learn, whatever the reason, from its methodology, its values, the teacher, or the services and options that it offers me, no matter how far away I am

See you soon until then, SONRÍE 😊 🌼