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Perífrasis IR A + INFINITIVO to talk about the future.

New Year is coming!!

Would you like to talk about your future plans or resolutions for 2023 like a Spanish native? I am sure that the answer is yes! Use the periphrastic future (a grammatical structure that consists of two or more verbs that take a new meaning when used together)and forget about an endless list of verbs. This is a common way of expressing future among the native speakers. You only need to know how to conjugate the verb to go ”ir” in Spanish in the present tense.

Practical and very easy!!

Conjugation of the verb IR (to go)
Conjugation of the verb IR (to go)

Now that you know to conjugate the verb IR let’s see how to make the structure (perífrasis) in order to talk about future planned actions or actions that will happen soon: 

👉 IR + A + INFINITIVO       

Example: I am going to eat pizza / Yo voy a comer (infinitive) pizza

Example: He is going to take a shower / Él va a tomar ( infinitive) una ducha

👁️‍🗨️ Don’t forget the preposition ”a” 

Example of the verb ir in the future: Esta tarde va a hacer mucho calor
Example: Esta tarde va a hacer mucho calor

Esta tarde va a hacer mucho calor.

As you can see, the structure is equivalent to the ”be going to + infinitive” in English. Any plans for 2023? 

Perífrasis: IR + a + infinitivo
Example: En 2023 yo voy a aprender salsa. Perífrasis ir + a + infinitivo
Another example using perífrasis IR + a + infinitive
Example: En 2023 tú vas a viajar para China. Perífrasis ir + a + infinitivo

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How do you find this formula to express the future? Try to put it into practice! Any doubts write me!

¡Buena suerte! 🍀