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When to use V or B? G or J? H? And double r?

Hola bonit@s:

Sometimes it can be difficult to write in Spanish. Once you start writing, doubts can arise regarding when to use -b or -v? With or without -h or when to use -rr? To avoid these mistakes, here I provide you some tips 👇 that I hope it helps you the next time you write in Spanish.

V or B?

When to use V?

– Used with the prefixes > – vice. Example: vicepresidenta

– Used with the endings > servar and – versar. Example: conservar, conversar

When to use B? 

-Used with the prefixes > bien, bene, bis, biz, bi. Example: bienvenida, benévolo, bisabuelo, biznieta, binario

– Words starting with > bibl, bus, bur, bu. Example: biblioteca, búsqueda, burro, bueno

– Used with the endings > bir. Example: recibir.  Watch out!! 👀 There are exceptions: vivir, servir, hervir. Example: convivir

🧠Remember: behind – n,- d,- b always goes -V Example: convidar, advertir, obviamente 

🧠Remember: behind – m always goes -B Example: ambición

G or J?

When to use G?

– Used with the prefixes > – geo. Example: geometría

– Used with the ending > – gen. Example: origen

👀 Watch out!! when the ending is with > – jería we use – J

With H!

– All words starting with the diphthong > -hue. Examples: hueco, huelga

– Used with the prefixes > hidra, hiper, hidro, hipo. Example: hidratación, hipérbole, hidromasaje,hipopótamo.

Double -r!

– Can be only written between vowels (intervocalic positions) Examples: carro, gorrión, burro, barro ¿more examples? Send us a message 

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